Kidz & Crayonz


Hello All

The year is well on its way & we trust that so far it has been good to all of you!

We are certainly busy here at school & all our kiddies are hard at work. The teachers would like to request that our kiddies be at school by 08:00 the latest. 📚🖍💼

Thank you for all the support with our Vetkoek & Mince and Valentine’s Fashion show, our kiddies had loads of fun.

Congratulations to our winners.

Winter is around the corner and we request that you start topping up on the vitamins. We trust that our little ones will not be too ill this winter with the sniffles, coughs and colds. Zinplex Junior, Scotch Emulsion and Septoguard work quite well & is affordable.

PLEASE do not send sick children to school. As per the Health Department PROTOCOL, sick children cannot be accepted at school. Thank you 😊

FRIENDLY REMINDER – Kidz & Crayonz will be closed on Thursday, 21 March 2024 & Friday, 22 March 2024 as per Holidays 2024 in your Communication Book. (Human Right’s Day & Special Holiday)

PHOTOS will be taken on 12 March & 13 March 2024

Please fill out the order form and send us the proof of payment.

Please note: The photo account is not the same as the school fees account.


 Account No:  045024731       Branch: 006405

  • REF is child’s name & surname

Sometimes you forget you’re AWESOME, so this is your reminder!

Lots of love, The Kidz & Crayonz Team