Kidz & Crayonz

February 2024 Newsletter

We trust that you have all settled into 2024 & we pray by the grace of God that we are going to have a blessed 2024 with good health, peace & happiness. Our little ones are settled in and are hard at work with their 2024 program 😊

Happy birthday to all our special birthday boys and girls who celebrate their b-days this month🎈


As we have received our stationery packs, you will see that your little one has a ‘COMMUNICATION BOOK’ in their bag. Please make sure to timeously check their books and use it as a resource to communicate with the teacher as well J


         It is of utmost importance to always keep all your contact details updated.

📢 Security & Safety: please handle our gates with care when entering / exiting (as it closes automatically) Ensure that you have the code to the entrance gate and press the green button to let yourself out. Follow appropriate precautions at all times in the parking area. Please note that we will under no circumstances allow a child to leave with anyone other than their parents, unless prior arrangements have been made.

🍧🍿Remember your little one’s R10 every Friday for TUCKSHOP.

Friendly reminder: Stationery packs are still available.

   February excitement the month of love and friendship!

   Join us for our very own…Miss and Master Valentine Fashion Show!

On WEDNESDAY, 14 FEBRUARY 2024 & A yummy Vetkoek & Mince take away … No cooking for your Valentine

More info to follow.

PHOTOS will be taken on 12 March & 13 March (More info to follow)

Thought for the month: No act of kindness however small, is ever wasted.

Lots of Love                                                                       Kidz & Crayonz Team