Dear Moms & Dads

The year sure is moving fast as February is almost over. We would like to wish all our birthday boys and girls a blessed year ahead and hope that you got super spoilt. A very special congratulations to both the Botes and Grobler families on the birth of their beautiful babies, both on the same day no less. May your new addition be blessed always and success and happiness be abundant.

A big thank you to everyone who participated and supported our Valentine’s fun day. The kids really had a great time and also a big thanks from all of our staff for the Valentine’s day spoils from our kids & parents. We have loads more events planned for during the course of the year and we will keep you updated as we go.

Please don’t forget photos on Friday the 3rd & 4th April, for some of our Little One’s it’s officially their first school photos ever. Order forms are attached.

Reminder to all that we are closed on:
Thursday the 21th of March (Human Rights’ day)
Friday the 22st of March (School Holiday) …………Yay a long weekend for all….
Please note that fees are due before the 4th of every month. No payment arrangements can be made and fees are to be paid in full. Thank you for your co-operation and understanding.

In order to avoid any issues please send through proof of payment directly to with your child’s name & surname as reference (as many of our kids have either the same surname or first name)

A friendly reminder- Calls will only be put through to teachers after 10am as teachers cannot complete their lessons and activities due to the many phone calls and interruptions. In case of an emergency please speak to Angi.
We have still not received toiletries/puzzles and books from many of our parents, pls send these items ASAP.

On a more serious note, please note school hours are strictly 06:30 to 17:30. Overtime will be charged at R100 per half hour.

We also ask that parents be vigilant when entering and exiting the school. Pls make sure that the gates are securely closed behind you.

If any of your contact or personal details have changed, please let us know ASAP so we can update them on our side. We also ask that you check your child’s communication book regularly for info. Pls ensure that all forms that we require i.e. Info forms etc are returned.
Have an awesome month of march, stay safe, happy and blessed.

Lotsa Love

The Kidz & Crayonz Team

Education is a lifelong journey whose destination expands as you travel – Jim Stovall