To All Our Fabulous Moms and Dads


Autumn is here, so now would be a good time to start boosting your little one’s immune system with some extra vitamins and minerals. A huge Birthday shout out to all our families who have celebrated their birthday this month, we hope your year will be filled with blessings and all things good 🙂

Once again, we have more public holidays coming our way this month & loads of fun things happening……

Please take note the following holiday days:

19th April – Easter Friday                                                                                                            

22th April – Family Day

Upcoming Fun Days this month:

12th April – Funky Footwear Friday

18th April – Easter Fun Day (Details TBA)

24th April – Inside-Out Day (Details TBA)

We ask that you check your child’s communication book as well as read SMS’s that are sent out in order to keep you updated of any info regarding K&C.

As per our sick child policy we ask that if your child is/has been ill or is starting to get ill that you don’t bring them to school. This is to try and reduce the spread of infection to other children and staff. Especially contagious conditions like Chicken Pox, Measles, gastro, head lice, etc, this list is not exhaustive.

REMINDER THAT TOILETRIES ARE DUE FOR THE NEXT QUARTER. We urge you to pls send these in ASAP as well as your January toiletries that are still outstanding. This is for your little ones use and we can’t manage without your contribution.

Thank you to all our parents who pay their fees on time, it is much appreciated. Don’t forget we also have a Debit Card Facility if you prefer. All fee payments are to be done either by EFT or Debit Card machine. No Cash will be accepted. Fees are due by no later than the 4th of every month.

May your month of April be filled with many blessings, especially with it being the special month of Easter……


Lots of Love from all of us @ Kidz & Crayonz